In Memoriam

Inspired by “Fuck Your Flag” by Sunflower Punk on Splain You A Thing. READ THAT FIRST to put this poem in its proper context.


In memoriam:
A democratic Union
Defense of the commons, of the common people
General welfare–generally, how well we fare
The blessings of liberty
Too many of ourselves
And our posterity

In memoriam:

In memoriam:
All that we who built this nation
—built on the land we stole from those we killed,
built by the backs we broke of those we whipped—
ever claimed the flag stood for

In memoriam:
Sandra Bland
Aiyana Jones
Tina Fontaine
Marsha P. Johnson
Annie Pootoogook
Dawn Crey

In memoriam:
The Stars and Stripes

In memoriam:

This is, I must remind you,
Memorial Day


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